EMBS Students Activities

A) Conferences

EMBS organizes extensive student programs in the major conferences, and the EMBS Student members are cordially invited to participate in these educational and networking events. Student members are offered registration at reduced rates for EMBS conferences! 

A.1) EMBC: Annual International Conference

Each year EMBS sponsors the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.  This conference features diverse topics in the field of biomedical engineering, includes many students and young professional activities annually, and is also host to the EMBS Student Paper Competition. For more information on EMBC, visit http://embc.embs.org/Student activities usually held at EMBC:

  • Lunch with Leaders.
  • Student Paper Competition.
  • Meet the Editors.
  • WIE Luncheon and Mini-symposium.
  • Students and Young Professionals Reception.

A.2) International Student Conference Series

EMBS also sponsors International Student Conferences – organized by the students, for the students! Upcoming International Student Conferences:

  • ISC 2018: December 19-21, Bengaluru, India.
  • ISC 2018: August 13-15, Lima, Peru.
  • ISC 2018: May 5-6, Turkey.
  • ISC 2017: October 12-13, Cairo, Egypt.
  • PGBiomed 2017, University of Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • ISC 2016: May 29-31 at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.
  • PGBiomed 2015, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.
  • ISC 2014 at Putra University, Malaysia.
  • ISC 2013 at Cairo University, Egypt.

A.3) Other Conferences:

Special Topic Conferences: We also sponsor and technically co-sponsor special topic conferences.  To find out more click here: EMBS-sponsored conferences. Check, these conferences on the EMBS conference calendar.

B) Summer Schools

EMBS also organizes and hosts Summer Schools on a range of topics. For listings and more information, click hereUpcoming Summer Schools:

C) Distinguished Lecturer Program

EMBS funding is available only to EMBS Chapters, EMBS Student Branch Chapters, and EMBS Student Clubs.  Matching funds of up to $500 for clubs and up to $1000 for chapters are available to those Chapters/Clubs interested in hosting a Distinguished Lecturer event. The matching ratio is 2:1, with EMBS providing up to twice the amount raised from some other source. A limited amount of funding is available, so please get your requests in early. For additional information on funding and how to request a Distinguished Lecturer, please visit the Distinguished Lecturer site on the EMBS homepage.

D) EMBS Local Paper Competitions

In order to encourage students to participate in our various conferences, the EMBS is providing support for local paper competitions. Support to local chapters, branch chapters or clubs is in the form of matching funds with potential support for local paper competition winners to attend the annual EMBC. Please visit the Local Paper Competitions on the main EMBS website.

E) EMBS MOOC “So You Want to Become a Biomedical Engineer?”

Want to become a biomedical engineer but not sure where to focus or how to get there? This engineering course will give you an overview of this wildly popular and vast field, as you learn about more than two dozen areas of focus and get a peek at some of the cool and exciting advances going on at top institutions. Along the way, you’ll meet more than three dozen biomedical engineers—from top names in the field to those just starting their careers. Visit the course website on edX for more details.

F) EMBS Mentorship Program: 

Are you looking for a mentoring support in biomedical engineering?

Open to all EMBS members, the mentor program provides students and others interested in the biomedical engineering profession with access to experienced mentors who can provide valuable career guidance and advice, and contribute to your professional and personal development. Use the program to develop business contacts, obtain access to industry information and activities, and gain valuable insights from experienced and successful professionals. The program also provides experienced biomedical engineering professionals with the opportunity to serve as mentors – to share their knowledge and inspire, encourage, and support future biomedical engineers. Visit EMBS Mentor Connection for more details. Or sign directly on http://embs.chronus.com/


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